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Check out your email campaigns' performance statistics and personalized tips from Heyluu Mailing.

Get professional analytics, statistics and performance of all your marketing Campaigns 

Email Campaigns

Create and send your professional email marketing campaigns to all your clients and audience


Automated emails make it easy to start conversations and keep them going, whether you have a handful of fans or millions of them.


Create all your lists and keep all your data organized and easy to manage


Create you own templates and use it later

Sending servers

This feature allows you to add a sending server which will actually send out your campaign emails. You can configure a standard SMTP connection or connect to 3rd services like Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, ElasticEmail, SparkPost... You can also take advantage of the hosting server's email capability by creating a "PHP Mail" or "Sendmail" sending server

Sending domains

Sending domain is used to verify the sender whose email address appearing in the FROM header of an email. Add your own verified sending domains to send emails on your or your organization's behalf

Sending Identity

Verify your identities (the domains or email addresses that you send email from) to confirm that you own them and to prevent unauthorized use

Email verification servers

This feature allows you to connect to 3rd email verification services/servers. After adding the verification services/servers, you can go to the Mail List's setting page to manage verification processes


Create your own forms into your list to collect data or any information about your clients and audience

Get more sales, collecting data and send professional email marketing to your clients

With Heyluu Mailing - the world’s largest marketing automation platform- it's like a second brain that helps millions of customers from small e-commerce shops to big online retailers

All The Tools You Need!

Heyluu Mailing provides all the tools you need to run a successful email marketing campaign!

Your data privacy and security are a top concern for us.

Let us worry about your data so you don't have to! We develop our product with a strong focus on data security and privacy, and we also make sure our customers can easily play by all the rules and regulations, like the GDPR, by default.

Automate when your email is sent to your contacts.

No coding required. Just edit and publish.

Effortlessly maintain contact lists, create groups and send the right message to the right people at the right time.

Use our completely rebuilt API to integrate Heyluu Mailing with other products in new and unexpected ways.

Revolutionairy E-mail Platform!

Want to generate more leads while keeping your existing
customers engaged? For us, lead generation is much more
than a buzzword. We’re the first email marketing service to
provide a complete webinar marketing solution. With
Heyluu Mailing, you can not only acquire new leads
but also nurture existing customers, thanks to
an advanced integration with Heyluu Mailing email marketing.
Start turning subscribers into repeat customers today!

Go ahead, do something!

Marketing software that does the job for you.

Built For You & Me

Heyluu Mailing email templates are reusable and mobile responsive. Flexible and functional.

Awesome Quality

Share your message, in style. No design chops necessary. An ever-growing library of content blocks is available to help bring your vision to life.

Automation Tool

Our visual automation tool makes email marketing simple. You will always know where your subscribers are and can start to understand how they act.

Go ahead, do something!

Marketing software that does the job for you.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Know what you pay with our clear pricing structure. No hidden fees

Save 25% on annual plans


$0.00 /Forever

Subscribers: 1,000
Sending limit: 5,000

Lists: 1
Automations: 1
Campaigns: Unlimited

Sending servers: No
Sending domains: No
Email verification: 0 Server

Storage: 25 MB


$4.99 /month

Subscribers: 1,000
Sending limit: Unlimited

Lists: 5
Automations: 5
Campaigns: Unlimited

Sending servers: No
Sending domains: No
Email verification: 1 server

Storage: 100 MB


PRO (Most Popular)

$9.99 /month

Subscribers: 3,000
Sending limit: Unlimited

Lists: 10
Automations: 10
Campaigns: Unlimited

Sending servers: No
Sending domains: 2
Email verification: 2 server

Storage: 200 MB



$39.99 /month

Subscribers: 20,000
Sending limit: Unlimited

Lists: Unlimited
Automations: Unlimited
Campaigns: Unlimited

Sending servers: Unlimited
Sending domains: Unlimited
Email verification: Unlimited server

Storage: 500 MB


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